Welcome To 3-F-Software

3-F software initially started as a legal entity to serve for any consulting and freelance work on an individual need. in 1995 she was awarded a project from Citibank, Zurich because of the work permit time duration limit in Switzerland.

Later there was a dormant period as the individuals left for US for greener pastures.

Back again in 2007 with startup uprise on the west coast, the operations were rejuvenated, again in consulting as well as turnkey basis.

YagnaIQ - a network startup that was helped to setup and deliver first few releases in developing the marketplace for website solution

LISCR - a shipping (yes the actual ship business) domain company needed to revamp it's .Net based shipping software solution. A typical outsourced outfit.

HIPAABox - a privately funded (ad)venture that unfortunately shutdown due to lack of funds. The idea was of backup and restore solution on Amazon cloud with a niche of breaking the glass facility in case of forgotten password. The compliance  to HIPAA standard was the key.

IITM - A governmental weather institute (www.iitm.ac.in) required help in customizing the  MOM4 weather algorithms developed by    to IBM super computer P7

TCS - needed expertise in creating a game changer HFT (High Frequency Trading) solution using their in house HPC cloud.so on and so forth ....