Salesforce Oracle ERP integration

Developed a Salesforce life cycle management application on Salesforce for accurate quarterly revenue generation for CFO of a manufacturing plant in Doha,Qatar


The Xray IOT solution from 3-F Software

XIOT is a simple but effective solution that can be easily generalized across verticals and horizontally across health-care industry. ........... read more............

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*** 2014
Helped Harbinger Systems,pune to ramp up their Salesforce needs regards integrating customer portal UI via visualforce pages using iFrame techniques.

*** 2013
Enlighted - a lighting Energy optimzer startup in Bay area needed complete solutioning expertise for a very complex process. This required Salesforce support at times.

*** 2010-11
LISCR,LLC, USA the second largest ship registration company, now shows confidence in 3-F Software to start their offshore initiative.
Beginning October 1st, 3-F will start supporting LISCR's software development processes from pune office in India.

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We are excited to have LISCR as our client and we are looking forward for the partnership in the Microsoft technology!